Li 融

At the ending bed ...

untitled, 2022

Shaping words,
Melting words

To all the shapes falling at
different/the same
present/absent times/time

Tapping is so00 nice

Ripples in me

The under-sign...


Ripples in Me
A sign language and physical theatre, 30min, 2018
with Tang wanling, Baizong, Zhuangzhuang, S, Xiaoxu, Yanfei 
at Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Zhejiang, China

This work is a process of experimentating with and redefining the idea of sound through the embodied game we created for the characters in the theater piece: two “I”s and a “sound” encountering and playing around the materiality of each other. It explores signing and moving beyond a single body, and the possibility of breaking the binary of an inside and outside.

concept,director,playwright/Raffia Li
choreography/Wanling Tang, performers/Zhuangzhuang, Baizong, S
in collaboration with Zhuangzhuang, Baizong, S,Yanfei Li, Xiaoxu
sound design/Xingyu Li, Light Design/Raffia Li , Wanling Tang, multimedia,graphics/Runxuan Yan,
,stage management/Yanfei Li