Li 融

At the ending bed ...

untitled, 2022

Shaping words,
Melting words

To all the shapes falling at
different/the same
present/absent times/time

Tapping is so00 nice

Ripples in me

The under-sign...


Shaping words, Melting words
Body and language workshop, March 2022
with Jascha Blume, at Kunstinstituut Melly

“Doesn't anyone know that the body starts and ends elsewhere?” Borrowing poet and Protactile educator John Lee Clark’s question, this workshop invites you to explore this interdependent “elsewhere” by holding space to the shapes and textures of words and languages, to move our body beyond the spoken or written, into the realm of the signed, touched, and otherwise sensed languages.

The workshop is lead mainly through gesturing, signing, and involves exploration of touching and sensing the borders between one’s own body and its surroundings, touching water, shaping and passing words/objects that people bring in and letting them melt and transform into other shapes, textures. 

I invited Jascha to work on an American sign langauge and english poem together, and it became our ritual to bring in the participants into the signing space by passing the movements/signed words throughout our poem performance.  The signed poetry is very different from its written form, but here’s an english transcript if you wanna take a look.

Curator and photo/Aqueene Wilson, Kunstinstituut Melly
Dutch sign language interpreters/Mira Geirnaert and Cornelie van Dijk