Li 融

At the ending bed ...

untitled, 2022

Shaping words,
Melting words

To all the shapes falling at
different/the same
present/absent times/time

Tapping is so00 nice

Ripples in me

The under-sign...


A Trap. Listen, we have it all!
video and photography series, 2019
with Zhuang Zhuang, Xiao Xu, Baizong, Tan Ziyi, S, Yanfei Li, Haixia Li, Lingling Che, Sail  
Wallace Center, NTID, Rochester, NewYork, U.S, 2019


Deaf people are always described as living in a 无 声 世 界 silent world. Both hearing and deaf people are so used to these terms which has been oppressing and romanticizing the experience of being deaf in social media. This work takes the viewer’s hands and walks them into a trap starting with a word play of 声 音 sound/voice, but soon arriving a brand new playground of the source/origin of these sounds, where the old habit of constructing meanings will have to change.