Li 融

At the ending bed ...

untitled, 2022

Shaping words,
Melting words

To all the shapes falling at
different/the same
present/absent times/time

Tapping is so00 nice

Ripples in me

The under-sign...

Website underconstruction.

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Raffia Li (TA/they), works with poetry melting in minor edges/senses, in forms of performances, videos or installations. In their research, they explore the physicality of languages as actions/rituals/sites, to sense the gaps/gates under the signs, disrupt the ableist hegemonic knowledge and norms bounded by the speaking/written words, nurture/hold the in-between meanings and remake the poetic space of relations.

They tilt in slow dialoguing. 

Their art practice is deeply influenced by poetry, theatre of the oppressed, reading of Zhuangzi, their field research over shadow puppetry and their rituals in China, Thailand, Indonesia and India, their learning experience of being in a sign language art collective Shape of Language & their actions in the hutongs and streets,  running a community art festival Mini Shadowplay Festival, diary/letter exchanges with friends, their MA study at Dutch Art Institute, observations of their dreaming state, and the river near Grandma 芹’s yard. Their individual and collaborated projects have been presented in Today Art Museum, Guangdong Times Museum, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Kunstinstituut Melly, Museum Tinguely, Gasworks, Centre Pompidou, and others.

word-rituals 司/寺
                    讠breaking   吾  /yǔ/     in      

 co-creating in-between writing-typing-signing-speaking-listening-touching

- bodylands in changing breaths and minor edges/senses

氵(游) play pauses
                    脉搏 / 暂停

                小 (乐)slow-play (hills)heals
                                                            (山)疗愈 yù

                         昜(场) dialoguing melting   f  i e
                                                                                                   l d s  
                                                                                田   /
                                                                                         野 / 域  yù
                                                                                                  雨 /yǔ/